Distinguishing Fundamentals and Styles
AsyncSwift Lightning Talk / Dec 2023

Past Talks

How Global Dev Team Collaborates
Riiid Tech Seminar / Jun 2022

10 Years of Coding as a Mobile Developer
Naver Boostcamp / Jun 2022 (video, slides)

Establishing Highly Scalable App Architecture for Super App
FastCampus The RED / Oct 2021

Life as SW Engineer abroad (Panel)
let us: Go! / Aug 2020 (video)

Building Augmented Reality Apps using AI (Podcast)
DevChat.tv / 31 Mar 2020 (iPhreaks, Podcast)

Making Stateful UI with GameplayKit
Let’Swift Pangyo / 15 Jan 2020 - Pangyo, South Korea (slides, source code)

Deeper into ARKit with CoreML and Turi Create
try! Swift NYC / Sep 2019 - New York, US (video, slides)
SwiftFest / Jul 2019 - Boston, US

Three Musketeers: ARKit, CoreML, Turi Create
NAVER Tech Concert: Mobile / Jul 2019 - Seongnam, South Korea (video, slides)

Ranking App Store #1 with Side Project
Let’Swift / Nov 2018 - Seoul, South Korea (video, slides, article)
D2 iOS Open Seminar / Jun 2016 - Seoul, South Korea (slides)

Naming Tips for Swift Programmers
NAVER iOS Meetup / Aug 2018 - Seongnam, South Korea (video, slides, article #1, article #2)

From Student to Professional Programmer
D2 Campus Seminar / Aug 2016 - Seongnam, South Korea (slides)